It’s only a drop of ink!

How easily are you derailed by the smallest of things?  One negative comment amongst all the good ones can often overshadow all the good stuff can’t it?

Using the drop of ink, imagine that you are now going to add that to a bath-tub of water.  Just one small drop of ink (one negative comment) and the whole colour of the water changes (just like how you feel). Continue reading “It’s only a drop of ink!”

6 Words to stop saying to your children

Anyone who works in their own business (and many other people as well) will be more than aware that there is always something more to do.  More articles to write, more books to read, more work to do, more social media to absorb, more ways to evolve the area you work in.  The list is endless – just try mind-mapping it and you’ll soon see how much there is to do..

The other night, it dawned on me, that as I was finishing off the bedtime stories for my daughters, evening after evening, I would say, “that’s enough, I have got loads to do“. Continue reading “6 Words to stop saying to your children”

Leave the smoke and run to the sun

Are you one of those people who commutes around 90 minutes a day to get to work and again the same in evening as the return journey?

If you are – this true story of someone I was working with will resonate with you… Continue reading “Leave the smoke and run to the sun”

The benefits of leaving the city and heading to the beach

Why does it seemed that so many people in Cornwall are laid back to the point of being horizontal ?

Frazer Hicks the boatman from the Isles of Scilly once famously described the local word ‘dreckly’ as “like manyana, but with less urgency”.

So what is it about living near the coast, on the beach and in sight of the sea? Scientists have discovered that the ‘blue space’ effect has an incredible way of making you feel at ease.

There are four notable ways : Continue reading “The benefits of leaving the city and heading to the beach”

How does your journey to work make you feel?

Many of us acknowledge that the journey to work is a real drag, that arduous commute, changing from 1st gear to 2nd, or jammed into a stuffy bus or tube train (that’s probably where you are reading this now).  This is no way to make you feel uplifted and positive about the day to come – far from it! Continue reading “How does your journey to work make you feel?”

Why not turn your passion into a profession?

Can you remember all those dreams and goals which have been buried over the years (adulthood and rationality get in the way).   Frequently, the job or past time which sparked your enthusiasm and joy when you were 8 years old, still holds a small candle of passion deep inside of you yet, years of growing up, school, work, stuff, responsibility and so on, has reduced it to the tiniest glimmering flicker – almost forgotten. Continue reading “Why not turn your passion into a profession?”

What your work really gives you? Money? Identity? Purpose ?

So that was the question I heard recently during a meeting with a firm of HR, Outplacement (that’s a nice word for redundancy) and At Retirement a specialists –   a business who support people in career transition, and one who I have worked with for many years as their dedicated IFA.   Continue reading “What your work really gives you? Money? Identity? Purpose ?”