What if all jobs paid the same?

Can you imagine if all jobs paid the same ? The wage was enough for you, and you could choose any job at all.

Now, have a think, what is it that you would really choose to do and where would you choose to do it? You have complete freedom – anything – just name it!

Taking your attachment to money out of the equation suddenly allows a far greater freedom of thought.  Those things which usually you automatically discount can suddenly be considered. The same applies with much of life and your plans, not just your work.

For a moment though, let’s stay focussed on the job search …

If you are a lawyer, dealing with multi-million pound contracts between multinationals and governments, is this what you would really choose, or would perhaps being a teacher, or even a landlord of a pub or B&B owner appeal more?

What if you are a hard-working builder, out in all winds and weather, but actually, would find far more enjoyment by being a singer?

The extremes are endless, but it is not uncommon for people, either about to embark on a dramatic career change, or are already midway through it.  Given the freedom to think without attachment to money, you can then establish what it is which really matters, what counts, what would enhance this person’s life. Of course, you then need to someone do the clever financial work to help these new dreams become a possibility.

This applies for all areas of life, not just your career, although this is the area which frequently becomes the big sticking point (fearful of not having any income or being attached to what there is right now), especially perhaps when thinking of moving to another part of the country.

Putting your dreams before the pound notes helps us to find what is deeply important, and once we know that, we can then start to help the changes which bring about a more fulfilling existence, and that is what it’s all about.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life

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