It’s only a drop of ink!

How easily are you derailed by the smallest of things?  One negative comment amongst all the good ones can often overshadow all the good stuff can’t it?

Using the drop of ink, imagine that you are now going to add that to a bath-tub of water.  Just one small drop of ink (one negative comment) and the whole colour of the water changes (just like how you feel).

As you go through the day, try accumulating all the good things which happen, all the positive outcomes, the great feedback, smiles, comments, and experiences.  Now, when the inevitable criticism comes from somewhere, view that and the good things on a set of scales – one being weighed against the other – try to visualise the amounts of comments as grains of rice.

In reality, the one or two grains of negativity, should never outweigh all the positiveness which you have experienced, yet I bet you allow it to play on your mind for the rest of the day.

Maybe you have hosted an event, and rightly ask for feedback. Now notice what happens as you analyse the comments. Do you focus on all the good stuff, or, is it that one comment about something which was beyond your control which plays on your mind for weeks?

If you were 99% perfect, I guess from the outset you would be happy with that, yet it will probably be that 1% which you allow to beat up your emotions – that one drop of ink in the bath.

Next time you think that way, remember the grains of rice on the scales and the real imbalance, rather than allowing that one drop of ink to discolour your emotions and the rest of your day.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life


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