6 Words to stop saying to your children

Anyone who works in their own business (and many other people as well) will be more than aware that there is always something more to do.  More articles to write, more books to read, more work to do, more social media to absorb, more ways to evolve the area you work in.  The list is endless – just try mind-mapping it and you’ll soon see how much there is to do..

The other night, it dawned on me, that as I was finishing off the bedtime stories for my daughters, evening after evening, I would say, “that’s enough, I have got loads to do“.

What was I really saying in those 6 words ‘I have got loads to do‘?  In essence, it was “I would rather spend my time doing something else, instead of another couple of minutes with you”, I was making them feel that they were not as important as the other thing I had to do.  Rather than focussing on their need for sleep, I was trying to justify the end of story-time by being busy.

Even though there are only a certain number of Milly Molly Mandy stories anyone  can endure each night, and only so many times you can go on a Bear Hunt, to children, it is a magical and special time – a time which will quickly end as they grow up.

What do you want your children to remember from storytime ? “Mummy and Daddy were always very busy”?

Reflecting on that made me stop suddenly in my tracks.

I want them to remember plenty of stories, not being prioritised over, lots of fun and cuddles.  You can be busy when they are grown up and out late at night – but only until grandchildren come along!

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life

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