Leave the smoke and run to the sun

Are you one of those people who commutes around 90 minutes a day to get to work and again the same in evening as the return journey?

If you are – this true story of someone I was working with will resonate with you…

She was enduring all this travelling and  seeing her two young children for around half an hour a day.  When she looked at what was most important to her, it was without doubt her family and relationship. The job, which was all consuming  was most certainly not the key element of her life (does this seem familiar to you?)

Being stuck in the age old paradigm of working to exist and existing to work, there seemed no way forward, as the large salary was required to cover the living costs of central London. With some insight, discovery, and soul searching, it became evident that the family’s true destiny was far away from London. They longed for Cornwall, but just could not figure out how to make it happen.

After many in-depth discussions, consideration of time and where it went, consideration of money, and where that went, for the first time, construction of a robust family budget was put together.  This budget looked at what was needed, rather than what could be spent, and they took the bold step of putting their house on the market. Not long after, they found the perfect property in Cornwall, and upon resigning from the job which caused the arduous travel and lengthy commute, less than four months from our first discussions, they were on their way to Cornwall.

Yes, there is a great deal of creativity regarding time, budget, career and flexibility, and of course, moving from London to Cornwall is usually a far easier financial move as far as house purchases are concerned. Despite all this, they needed to experience enlightenment – a momentus shift and refocus and move towards the life they really wanted.  Maybe it was just hand holding they needed, maybe it was permission to move forwards.  Maybe, just maybe, they have never had such deep conversations with each other before, and spurred on by insights and their own reflection, they felt able to make such a tremendous and transformational change.

What we do know, is that they discovered how they would really wanted their lives to be, and dealt with the obstacles which arose, (or appeared to arise).  With help, they built the framework to enable them to make that huge shift.  The calculations behind the house move, the dramatic change of income, the planning around some commuting back to London, and most delightful of all, how to spend that most precious of all their commodities over the next few years – family time!

They have exchanged the built up rat-race and corporate hamster wheel, for tranquil surroundings, dramatic coastline, and beautiful blue sea. Just imagine that.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life

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