The benefits of leaving the city and heading to the beach

Why does it seemed that so many people in Cornwall are laid back to the point of being horizontal ?

Frazer Hicks the boatman from the Isles of Scilly once famously described the local word ‘dreckly’ as “like manyana, but with less urgency”.

So what is it about living near the coast, on the beach and in sight of the sea? Scientists have discovered that the ‘blue space’ effect has an incredible way of making you feel at ease.

There are four notable ways :

  1. Going to the beach reduces stress– be it the exhilaration of surfing, the soothing sounds of the waves, or even in the stormy season, that awesome power, it all conjures up a sense of relaxation.
  2. The beach boosts creativity– it acts as a meditative conduit, that is, it frees the mind (plus, in Cornwall, most beaches are naturally phone & internet free zones, adding to the tranquillity)
  3. Going to the beach can help reduce feelings of depression– again, the rhythmic nature, the sensations beneath the feet, and the sense of power, awe and majesty of nature.
  4. Spending time will change your perspective on life – just sitting and being helps make sense of things, a regular tonic to help the mind.

Now, if you are reading this from the squashed comfort of your standing space in the warm and sticky tube train, or looking out over a grey and dreary city, you may start to ask yourself, well this is all very well and nice, but how could this be possible?

Come to Cornwall and I’d love to introduce you to a client from North London, who moved lock, stock and barrel to West Cornwall precisely for the above reasons.  Fed up with the rat-race, commute, and general lack of desire to live any longer in a concrete jungle, spending 3 hours a day commuting next to a stranger’s sweaty arm-pit, they made the change.

Of course, the whole transition requires some adjustment, compromise, and a good degree of financial and personal coaching. Open mindedness to the possibilities is absolutely essential.

A willingness to be coached, both financially and personally, and at the same time build a robust financial plan which will set you on the right path is all part of the work. Ongoing support and coaching will then help you to stay on that path (all the way to the beach).

London is a great buzz when I pop in and out every month, but would I swap my weekends by the sea – not a chance!

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life

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