Nine months which could change your life

Could you imagine if 9 months ago you made a momentous decision to transform your life?  Remember the people who were stuck in the London life – well here is the update…

Picture this, an idyllic cottage in the country, a stunning garden being created, the village school within sight, character stone floors, and a sense of peace and tranquillity. Togetherness, happiness, purpose and smiles fill the house. Family breakfasts, a short walk to the creek, the river and the beach, now  doesn’t that just sound great, and what a way to bring their children up!

Let’s step back nine months to a time when the same people were stressed to the point of despair, long commutes to work, no time to focus on the children or each other, living in a built up area, a sense of drudgery with no purpose, and a real distaste for the work they had to do to fund the life they were ‘existing’ in (I wonder how if that sounds horribly familiar to you).

In the same way that if you wait for the perfect time and financial position to start a family, you would never have children, it follows that if you wait until the perfect time and financial position to make life changing decisions, you will never get there.

When you look, you will find a way, and of course, many times, you are so busy doing the day to day ‘stuff of life’ that you never take the time to stand back and figure out what it is you actually want.

For that family, an amazing life transformation is underway. Their friends ask them how they have managed it, and of course, along with some prudent financial planning, they have experienced the overriding opportunity to stand back, reflect, create a vision, deal with the obstacles and then put the plan into action. They had to be brave, they had to look forward, and they had to have support along the way.

Imagine driving away from that metropolis tonight, and the tomorrow waking up in the countryside – knowing that this is no one week holiday, this is now your life.  It is possible, it has happened, and it will happen to others just like you.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life

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