There’s a hole in your bucket – well probably quite a few …

No doubt you have seen the film The Bucket List, the idea which has inspired many people to review what their most important tangible goals are.  Climbing a mountain, running a marathon, having a sports car, visiting a certain place, learning something new and so on.  Many bucket lists and plans tend to be focused around things, going, doing, seeing and having, and there have been many words written and spoken about achieving those things.  However, there is a far deeper, more meaningful aspect which is easily overlooked and forgotten! Continue reading “There’s a hole in your bucket – well probably quite a few …”

How does your journey to work make you feel?

Many of us acknowledge that the journey to work is a real drag, that arduous commute, changing from 1st gear to 2nd, or jammed into a stuffy bus or tube train (that’s probably where you are reading this now).  This is no way to make you feel uplifted and positive about the day to come – far from it! Continue reading “How does your journey to work make you feel?”

Why not turn your passion into a profession?

Can you remember all those dreams and goals which have been buried over the years (adulthood and rationality get in the way).   Frequently, the job or past time which sparked your enthusiasm and joy when you were 8 years old, still holds a small candle of passion deep inside of you yet, years of growing up, school, work, stuff, responsibility and so on, has reduced it to the tiniest glimmering flicker – almost forgotten. Continue reading “Why not turn your passion into a profession?”

Sitting on the harbour in Penzance

Several years ago (I think it was 12th September 2014), I was sat on the harbour in Penzance with my pal Terry Mullins (actually, we were sat in the car in the Harbour car park, but that doesn’t conjure up the same image does it).  We were chatting about life, about change, and about how I was through aspects of my own life environment (both personally and professionally). “It’s like the bucket of crabs” he said – and yes, the analogy fitted perfectly to most of our battles with change. Continue reading “Sitting on the harbour in Penzance”