Sitting on the harbour in Penzance

Several years ago (I think it was 12th September 2014), I was sat on the harbour in Penzance with my pal Terry Mullins (actually, we were sat in the car in the Harbour car park, but that doesn’t conjure up the same image does it).  We were chatting about life, about change, and about how I was through aspects of my own life environment (both personally and professionally). “It’s like the bucket of crabs” he said – and yes, the analogy fitted perfectly to most of our battles with change.

Everywhere you look, everything you have ever tried – usually, you will have encountered doubt, reaction, opposition, negativity, even aggression and offence hurled in your direction.  Rarely, will you have come across support, helpful challenge, investigation, or the encouragement to hold those wonderful plans and allow them to flourish into what ‘may be’.

And that is why life and progression is like the bucket of crabs.  If those great ideas and dreams don’t get destroyed by our own self doubt, there are plenty of others out there ready to destroy them for you.

I feel myself fortunate, as I have a team of great people who support and encourage my views and dreams.  From my wife and daughters (who hear about all my dreams and visions), to Terry and other pals – Martin Miller, Ade Taylor, my great inspirations Tina Weeks, George Kinder and Louis Vollebregt, and many others from the Financial Life Planning community and the team from Serenity, all of these people continually support me on my journey, passing on insight, knowledge and wisdom.

This support network helps me to inspire others to climb up the side of their own buckets, look over the edge, and escape that bucket, with the knowledge that experienced people will be there to support, guide and help them keep the faith.

Your life is a journey, and it starts with you finding the courage to escape the bucket.

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