The Energy Exchange

People come along at just the right time – when the stars align, the ley lines co-ordinate, or it is just pure luck – who knows but it happens.

Last year, I was having a chat with a good pal of mine Martin Miller.  Now, Martin has certainly been through a period of transition, and from this, has not only learned many lessons along the way, but also has taken the brave move to launch his own business – truly an ‘escaping the bucket’ journey, as over time, you will find out.

Escaping a bucket is one thing, but leaping out of a perfectly good plane, and deciding at the age of 50, you are going to take up skydiving is something very different – and this is the very thing which is key to Martin’s business ‘Over the Edge Coaching’.

Martin certainly has a very different and unique manner of coaching businesses and individuals – very direct, no filters, no holds barred.  A pure innocent honesty, which if you find is a little on the raw side, may well be what you need.

So what is the energy exchange you may ask?

Every Monday morning, Martin and I check in for 30 minutes with each other.  It could be viewed as a bit of a chat, but it is far more than that. For 30 minutes we are held to account, to be supportive, to pour out our woes and worries, and to inspire each other with things we have learned over the past week. Then once a month, on the last Friday of the month, 4 hours of intensity and learning from each other – keeping each other on track and sharing our incredible experiences.

Everyone needs someone to check in with on a regular basis – someone who will challenge you for your own good, and to be able to put things into perspective for you.  It’s not someone to continually butter things up for you, wrap them in shiny paper and adorn them with bows – but rather someone who is there truly to look out for you, and keep you going.

Men in particular do not speak freely about their challenges, troubles and difficulties, instead preferring to ‘man up’.  Maybe this is why the biggest killer of men under 48 is suicide – not cancer, not road accidents, not heart attacks – but suicide!

So find someone to talk to, check in with them on a regular basis, for your good as well as theirs – find their energy, find your energy and exchange it.

I’m lucky, I have Martin.

Together we can bring Serenity to your life


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