Do you allow enough time ?

Allowing Enough Time for Everyone – it is far more precious than anything else you can offer?

How many times have you timed your journey to perfection – be it to the shop, a concert, the school run or even a longer journey, only to come across someone you would like to (or feel you ought to) talk to, yet simply cannot afford the time?  The world looks fine from your eyes, you are on your way  to do something purposeful, full of intent, and you just cannot stop.  A quick wave, and on you go.

Let’s take a look at it from the other person’s perspective for a moment.

Their day has been very different to yours, they have had the weight of the world on their shoulders and are in need of a brief chat with a friendly face to off load.  All they want is an empathic listener, someone to share a few minutes with, and everything will seem easier.  Having seen you walking along the street in an upbeat manner, they pluck up enough courage to speak and pour their heart out to you.

But – after taking all that courage, energy and bravery, all they get is a little wave, someone dashing past, and the illusion that the upbeat person doesn’t want to be dragged down by their problems.

How would it be, if rather than timing all of our journey times to perfection – not allowing for any deviation, we were able to fit in some time for others – just in case they needed it?  Generally, we may not tend to come across such circumstances, in which case, we have an extra few moments to ourselves, or to stop rushing around.  On the occasion that someone does want to chat or pour their heart out, we then have the time to spare, without causing time pressures on ourselves and at the same time, showing great compassion for those who need it.

The thing is, the people we meet in the street tend not to have a huge sign above their heads announcing their worries and woes, yet given the most precious of all commodities – time – they may feel able to open up, and your few minutes of sacrificed time, may just change their day or even their life.

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