4 ways to improve the view of your day

Do you ever wake up and just lack energy, motivation and start to sink under the burden of the day ahead, worrying about everything which may or may not happen, and looking at everything with dread?

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s a virus – there are probably loads of labels or reasons you may add to justify it – but maybe, there is something far more positive you could do.


Neuroscientists have learned some (not a lot) about how the brain works.  I say some, because it is the most complicated, advanced thing we can imagine – almost sci-fi like in what it can do and re-programme itself – even physically change depending upon our thoughts!

At Serenity, we love this stuff, and work with neuroscientists to help understand a little more about ourselves and our clients.  Don’t start to panic, this column is not going off into that world today (this attached article does this brilliantly though), all you are going to do, is to read about you 4 ways to try to shift the mindset and improve your chances of getting through to the dark days feeling a little better.

  1. When you feel down, worried and anxious – ask yourself – “What Am I Grateful For”. All of a sudden, we start to feel better, looking towards gratitude.
  2. Label Negative Feelings– when you are well beyond just feeling a bit uurgh by labelling the emotion and not suppressing it, the emotion reduces and on you go, feeling slightly less overwhelmed about life.
  3. Make a decision – when we make a decision, we feel better.  Similarly, by scheduling something in a diary rather than making a to do list, the brain lets go of the item or problem.  Something has happened, and we can move on.  No decision is quite often than a bad decision – the outcome is not the key thing frequently, but moving forward is.
  4. Touch People–  we need contact, hugs – long hugs !  (and here is another tip, when hugging your child or loved one, never be the first to leave go – that can create a degree of insecurity or rejection for them).  It works, we feel secure, wanted, happier, more at ease.  Just remember the first thing a child says in the middle of the night when they have had a bad dream ‘I Just want a hug’

To sum up, look for gratitude, label negative emotions, make decisions, and hug people.  Just see the difference that makes to your day.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life


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