Is time more important than money?

Do you spend your days in pursuit of one commodity , in the hope it will free up more of the other.  Do you work to earn more money so you can have more time (some day)?

Which is your most valuable commodity – time or money?

There is always a way to make money (it may not be particularly savoury or meet with your values, but there will be a way to make money).  Similarly, there are communities where you would not need money – so maybe time is the biggest value commodity?

What happens when you run out of money?

If you are out of money, your choices are limited, you may have to go without things, you have to make new choices, but you are still here.

What happens when you run out of time?

There is nothing more you can do – either jobs go uncompleted, or, on a grander scale, you die – there is very little you can do to claw that back.

Which is the most important, Time or Money?

What if we turn this on its head for a moment – create the time first, then see how our money fits into the mix?  How does that now look to you.

At Serenity Financial Planning  yes we do all the clever money stuff, yet most of our work with our clients is spent around the Time / Money balance shift.

To look at that constant pursuit of ‘more’ and consider the question – “what if I had a spare time rise this year instead of a salary rise?”.  

The PRIORITY = TIME formula helps all of us spot those Time Bandits in our lives – all those things which take us further away from what we want.

More time in your life doesn’t necessarily mean less money, in fact, frequently, the opposite is true as we become more focused, more fulfilled and more productive.

Here are the 8 reasons why time is more valuable, and a great insight into each from the article by Wisebread

  1. You Can’t Make More Time – you can prioritise or make the most of your time, but once it’s gone, it’s gone
  2. You Can Do More With a Day Off Than With a Day’s Pay – think about that for a moment, if you had an extra week of holiday each year, or an extra week of pay, the money would quickly disappear, but that extra time – well, that could have a huge impact
  3. Time Creates More Memories Than Money – money is an enabler, which allows you to do things – which you need time for.  You can buy things, but experienced last far longer
  4. You Need Time to Spend Money – if you had all the money in the world, but no time to enjoy it, then what would be the point.  But if you had no money, but all the time, you could still enjoy your surroundings, nature and life.
  5. People Close to Death Wish for More Time, Not Money – take the film The Bucket List – time was the key thing here – not money
  6. Time Brings More Happiness Than Money – remove your ego from money v time, and which would bring you greatest joy?
  7. Time Is Priceless, Money Is Not – money has it’s value – but what value could you put on your time? How much would you pay for just one more hour with that loved one who has died – money just cannot buy that time back
  8. Time, Not Money, Is a Great Healer – money can try to act as a quick fix, but it is time which is the real healer.  Trying to heal with money can just seem insincere.

Should I choose time over money?

This is a question only you can answer yourself.  Most people who experience Financial Life Planning find that it is that time and those experiences which matter most to them, not the pursuit of more money.  It may at first seem strange to them that initially, the focus is very much on their lives and what is important to them, however, only by reverse engineering the whole financial discussion, can their true desires and priorities be uncovered and a new, fulfilling plan be put into action, helping them to know what enough is, and how they really want to experience life.

Together we can being some Serenity to your life

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