How to give your children everything they need (not want)

Many children these days have everything, but have nothing.  Everything they want, yet very little they need.

What’s wrong with children today?

Less creativity, shorter attention spans, poor social skills, lack of appreciation of their belongings and experiences, all things which seem to slip when everything is available.

Remember the good old days

Fewer belongings helps turn the tide on these areas, encouraging our children to develop.  Add to that, by having less, they become more resourceful, argue less, become more generous, find satisfaction away from shops, and develop a tidier existence.

What about Christmas presents?

How often does the big ticket Christmas present, which they have hoped for for months get quickly discarded in favour of something small and seeming weird (I had a great dustbin one year for Christmas – it went everywhere with me!)?  How many times do we find children playing with something from the past, making up games, expanding their imagination?

Are planned treats better than spur of the moment?

Even a treat day can become more than just a regular day out.  We love walking on Poldhu beach in deepest, sunniest Cornwall, and they do some pretty fine hot chocolate drinks in winter.  Recently, we thought we would make the girls work for their treat, by taking a short walk up to headland.  As you can imagine (and see) that not everyone embraced this little pre-chocolate jaunt, until that is, we come across a field with dried sheep poo.  Now the fun began, dodging the poo, trying to play football with it, great fun had by all, and ever so memorable.

It just goes to show, that from the smallest of things, great fun can be had, and so many stronger memories can be created. We will remember sheep-poo football for a long time to come.

Taking a more minimalist approach with Becoming Minimalist, have a look through all 12 benefits of a few less toys, it is eye opening, and leads to our children having far more than they want – many things that they need. Of course, there is the added benefit of the relief to your bank balance as well.

As with many things in life, a period of discomfort is well worth it for the end result of happiness.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life


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