Why does time go quicker the older you are

Why do days go quicker the older you get?

There is some logic as underlined in this article, that the more fun we are having, the quicker things go, which may be why the 6 week school summer holidays seemed to fly by far quicker than the 6 week half term times.

Do new experiences make time go quicker?

There are a whole range of other arguments about this as well, such as, the more newer experiences, the longer the time has seemed to have been. Again, when we are growing up, as children, we are learning new things all the time, so when we have a really packed day, full of new stuff, it seems as if that day lasted for ever.  Maybe this is why some people prefer to have a packed city break rather than a drawn out two weeks in the sun.

Is time passing quickly just down to scarcity?

Mathematically, there may be another reason – based on scarcity, and may also reflect on the way we spend money and time.

Lets assume a default age of 100 (we do that with our financial modelling, so it seems to be appropriate for this).  At age 10, you have 90 years left, so one year would be 1/90th (1.11%). At age 90, you have only 10 years left, so that same 365 days is 1/10th (10%).  We could perhaps argue, whether time does go by nine times faster when we are 90 as opposed to 10, it certainly may take nine times longer to do some things!

In the same manner, imagine a budget for house renovations with £100k available. Consider taking  the decision to buy a £1,000 bath early on in the project when there is £90k left, as opposed to spending the same £1,000 when you have just £10k left – at which point the bath may seem nine times more expensive than at the start – or maybe nine times harder to justify.

Put resources into perspective

It is all a sense of perspective – how we value our resources, how we allocate them, and which is the most important. There is a famous saying that a wise man uses his money to save his time, whereas the foolish person uses his time to save his money. That is arguable dependent on which of those two resources you have the most of – the thing is, none of us know how much time we really have left, but we probably have a close idea as to when our money will run out!

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life.


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