Is comfort storing up long term problems for you?

Are your slippers too comfy?

Now there’s a question I once asked myself when looking at the bottom of my 15 month old well worn slippers. Well worn in fact, that there was hardly any sole left on one side, but almost half an inch on the other.  Then it suddenly dawned on me – maybe walking around at an unnatural angle for so long had got the legs and knees used to that. Maybe, when running in a proper pair of running shoes instead of £8 slippers from Primark, my body is working the right way, not struggling from many months of incorrect posture.

Do bad habits eventually cause major injury?

Things were getting worse all the time, slowly but steadily, without me noticing, then all of a sudden, bang – the knee injury, without logical explanation.  Many runners experience it, but I had done pretty much most things right.  Running for almost 4 years, building up gradually, then knee pain – possibly through running on a camber, but now, looking at the slippers – through ignorantly training the foot to land wrong – just like a chiropractor will recommend that men do not put their wallets in their back pockets (irrespective of wealth and content, the thickness of the wallet will throw your back out of alignment).

What are the other bad habits in your life?

Weightloss (or gain)

Taking the comfy slippers a stage further, how often are you so content with everything around you, then you lose sight of what is really important.  Perhaps putting on a pound a month (that’s nearly a stone a year), after 5 years, you have suddenly ballooned without noticing.

Poor money management

Maybe it is casual money management – high interest on credit cards or debts, high charges on investments which drag on performance – all these things will have a slow but sure detrimental effect on your well being and future.

Build up of stress

Maybe it is all the small things which stress you, and you become over-burdened – but without knowing.  Your character suffers, your motivation drops, and all of a sudden, what you used to be able to do, is no longer possible, or at best, feels like climbing a mountain.

Are goals really that important?

All these things point to the same thing – losing sight of your goals, qualities and aspirations.  Just as the slippers became too comfy over time, and little by little, may have caused the leg to operate differently,  not moving forward will lead you to fall back. It seems comfy and familiar, but actually, its leading to great discomfort which will suddenly rear its ugly head one day when you least expect it.

What do I need to do to stay on track?

Stepping back, checking in and planning the way ahead are key essentials of any plan, be it financial, health or indeed for all of your life.  The trouble is finding the time to do it, which again, is another whole area to work around.

Video Help

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