One of the biggest benefits of seeing a financial adviser is also one of the most overlooked …

Let me take you by the hand….

Gone (or hopefully are gone) are the days of sitting with a financial adviser, waiting for them to unveil a life-changing financial product.  The modern adviser, not only looks at your whole financial picture, but aims to take the time to listen to your anxieties, worries, concerns, and take the time to coach you and your family towards what it is you want to achieve – so maybe after all, that is something which is life-changing.

Taking it a few steps further, Financial Life Planners spend greater amounts of time enabling their clients to understand what these goals really look like – are they in fact the real goals for instance?  Once established, with careful, intentional human interaction and guidance, a meaningful plan can be put into place – which may or may not require new financial products.

What is key, is the ongoing guidance, coaching and support which encourages clients along the steps towards where it is they wish to go, keeping them on track, and reveling in seeing lives change for good.  Financial lessons which have been learnt from childhood are hard to alter, yet with a true understanding and quality coaching, there is a chance that clients may start to view their future in a different way – at the same time as keeping an eye on an enjoyable and rewarding present.

Everyone is different, no-one fits into the same box, and financial planning in 2018 is far more than numbers, it is coaching, counselling, support and guidance.

That may sound like pixie dust to some, but to many, it is a most incredible and magical experience…

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life

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