Serenity Financial Planning


Almost all the things we worry about can be traced back to a financial concern.

Without a robust financial plan, supported all the way, it does not take too much to disrupt those  dreams and aspirations we hold so dear.

Serenity Financial Planning reverse engineer the traditional financial advice process, and instead of your life being tailored to your finances, take the approach to tailor your financial plan to deliver the life you want.

With offices spread across the UK (Cornwall, London, Lincolnshire, North Wales, Birmingham and Yorkshire) all of our advisers are fully qualified Registered Life Planners with the Kinder Institute, many of whom are now Masters in Life Planning.  Serenity founder Tina Weeks and Jeremy have both worked alongside George Kinder in training the next generation of RLPs.

As Head of Life Planning for Serenity, Jeremy is instrumental in supporting its advisers, not only in their work with their clients, but also in the pursuit of their own life plans.

Tom is based in London and the South East working with a range of clients, his passion is to bring as many people as possible closer to the life they truly want to lead and to free them from the shackles of a stressful life dominated by money woes. 

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