About Tom

Tom is a Financial Life Planner at Serenity Financial Planning.

Having always enjoyed seeing people strive to bring out the best in themselves it wasn’t long after becoming a financial planner that Tom decided to specialise in life planning – a truly transformative process that helps us discover our deepest and most profound goals through a structured process of non-judgemental inquiry.

Whether you’re looking for general money tips, lifestyle advice or need some direction with personal development, you’ve come to the right place -these are all topics that Tom loves and could happily talk about for hours.

A keen health and fitness enthusiast and aspiring armature philosopher, when he’s not helping his client’s you’ll usually find Tom in the gym, taking a nice walk in the Surrey countryside or quietly pondering the nature of reality.

Training & Qualifications

Tom is a qualified Financial Planner, and has studied under the Kinder Institute of Lifeplanning completing the Seven Stages of Money Maturity and EVOKE courses in pursuit of the highly acclaimed Registered Life Planner accreditation.

On completion of this, he plans to continue his development in the areas of behavioural studies, coaching and is also undertaking training on assisting others with their mental health.